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MARSING & CO AFRICA (Pty) Ltd are agents and stockists of aluminium collapsible tubes produced by one of India’s premier tube manufacturers who are also one of the world’s largest. With over 40 years of experience in the tube industry, the Group is well suited to meet all tube requirements. They are ISO 9002 accredited, have 11 manufacturing plants across India, export to over 50 countries worldwide and have all the necessary quality control systems in place to meet the highest standards.

Together we offer sub-Saharan Africa the following products & services:


  • All fill sizes ranging from 3.5gm to 100gm available.
  • Cylindrical and Conical tubes.
  • Up to 4-colour print.
  • Standard and specialised internal lacquers for different products.
  • Flexible production runs.
  • Short lead times.
  • Warehouse facility in Johannesburg to hold local stocks.
  • Low minimum order quantity.

Marsing can offer aluminium collapsible tubes in accordance with global standard dimensions. From as small as 10mm diameter up to 38mm diameter, there is a tube size for every use and application. A variety of caps, closures and nozzles are available for their aesthetic and functional properties.

Tube sizes are customized to suit customer’s specification and application requirements, ranging from 1gm tubes to 200gms tubes in diameters from 10mm to 38mm. The neck sizes can vary from M5 to M15 with different openings as per product application requirement.



Quality is a critical element of every tube we sell. ISO 9002 accreditation in the manufacturing plant ensures both on-line and finished product quality checks. Full traceability and certificates of analysis (FIR) are available with every consignment. So whether it be for the Pharmaceutical, Adhesive, Veterinary, Art or Cosmetics industry, Marsing has a quality aluminium tube to enhance your packaging and sell your product.

Aluminium Collapsible Tubes are suitable for various applications with compatible internal protective coatings or internally plain include:
o Pharmaceutical Creams and Ointments.
o Ophthalmic tubes for eye care.
o Cosmetic products –Skin Care and Hair Care applications.
o Food products-Condensed milk, Jams, Sausages etc.
o Adhesive Products-Cyanoacrylate adhesives, silicon-based adhesives, 2 Pack adhesives for various

The range is very wide, with available products suitable for 1 gm tube (10mm dia) to 200gm.
Our Plastic caps, cater to the needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic & adhesive (including CA) industries,  These caps and closures are made in various grades of HDPE, LDPE, PP etc.



The grade of moulding material used is of food grade and meet the International Regulatory requirements.
These caps and closures are manufactured in a highly hygienic environment that meets high GMP standards.
Standard nozzles for which suitable caps are available:
M6 to M16, Open neck, Closed neck with membrane, Long Nozzle, Flip-Top, Tamper Proof and other suitable caps.

Over 200 different types of multi-cavity moulds.
In-house mould manufacturing and cap production for additional security. Well-equipped Quality Control department with regular checks. Short development cycle for new caps.

Aluminium tubes

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