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MARSING Aluminium tube division specializes in the supply of Aluminium collapsible tubes and are available meeting most International Standards including BS and DIN. Aluminium Collapsible Tubes are supplied with & without compatible internal protective coatings determined by the application, some of these applications include:

  • Pharmaceutical Creams and Ointments.
  • Ophthalmic tubes for eye care.
  • Cosmetic products –Skin Care and Hair Care applications.
  • Food products-Condensed milk, Jams etc.
  • Adhesive Products-Cyanoacrylate adhesives, silicon based adhesives, 2 Pack adhesives for various applications.

All the input material used for manufacturing the aluminium collapsible tubes meet the regulatory requirements of International Agencies.  The neck sizes can vary from M5 to M15 with different openings as per product application requirement.




10×45, 10×55


12.7/13.5×60, 12.7/13.5×75, 12.7/13.5×80


16×70, 16×85, 16×90, 16×105


19×85, 19×90, 19×110, 19×120


22.2×110, 22.2×120, 22.2×130


25.4×130, 25.4×140, 25.4×150, 25.4×160


27/28.6×150, 27/28.6×160, 27/28.6×170

30×160, 30×170, 31.75×160


31.75×170, 35×160, 35×180


35×190, 38×160, 38×180

These are only guidelines and the actual sizes may deviate by about 5%(+/-) in length depending on the filled product density. In an instance where volume requirement is in ml, the sizes can be extrapolated. For diameters 22/25/28mm,the nearest sizes can be in 22.2/25.4 and 27/28.6


MARSING plastic tube division specializes in the supply of Seamless Plastic Tubes. Seamless plastic tubes offer a variety of attributes that give them a competitive edge for products at the market place. This form of packaging is safe, attractive, consumer friendly, environmentally friendly and easily identifiable. It is therefore considered an ideal package for cosmetics, toiletries, Pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The Cosmetics and Toiletries industry are well supported by plastic tubes for their upscale decoration options, eye catching finish and unique dispensing closures and are often used by Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufactures for their proven quality and reliability. Our manufacturers’ state of the art technology, experienced personnel and dust free environment enable us to produce & supply tubes of the highest quality.

A Tube Offers:

  • An economical packing option for manufacturers in terms of filling, warehousing and transportation.
  • A consumer friendly packing option as tube is easy to store, easy to use, portable, durable and attractive.
  • An environmentally friendly packing option as a tube is 100% recyclable and can be marketed without any additional packaging like outer cartons.
  • An attractive packing option: plastic tubes are squeezable with bounce back to maintain original shape and pleasing aesthetic look. Even after a plastic tube has been squeezed or dropped it looks exactly as it should on the shelf at retail outlets which can go a long way when looking to retain the image of a premium brand.