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food & beverage


Food and Beverage industries across the globe are becoming increasingly more competitive and cutthroat, in terms of not only price but safety and quality too. Staying ahead of the competition has never been more important and the South African Food & Beverage Industry is in no way exempt from these challenges. Challenges that have been brought about primarily by consumers who have a growing awareness regarding food safety and an ever-increasing demand for transparency at all levels of operations, coupled with this is government’s imposing of stricter legislative bounds and merciless competition from companies that operate in this industry – whether it’s to be more affordable, more sustainable or to unfailingly produce the highest quality products.


These factors greatly influence the way in which business in this industry is conducted. Taking the above into account, it becomes clear that businesses in the food & beverage industry have to make use of cost saving technologies & ingredients without compromising on extreme safety or quality measures to conquer the numerous industry challenges. At MARSING, we understand this and endeavour to assist our clients in being one step ahead of their competition with a heavy premium placed on ethical trading.