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Thermoforms can be used in a variety of applications, as they can be molded into any shape. They help the product stand out and attract customers due to their unique shapes & thick body. They are generally used for “mono-dose” packing applications (one-time use) like jellies, chocolates, vodka, etc.

Thermoforms generally have a body & a cap which forms from the neck. Cap when twisted break opens from the neck enabling consumption of the product by squeezing.

We have the capability to manufacture laminates that can be thermoformed to a desired shape in such a way that has a thick body to grip;  also offers good seal-ability thereby offering a good protection to the product.  Thermoformed packs have good body and aesthetics. They are mostly single time usage packs;  enable easy of opening, ease of consumption or usage, are handy and avoid spillage.

We offer thermoformable solutions with eye catching aesthetics, good functionality and convenience for following applications:

  • Sauces & ketchups
  • Chocolates
  • Biscuits & Snacks
  • Personal care products like creams, oil & lotions
  • Home care products like detergents, cleaners
  • Monodose medicinal products
  • Liquor & cocktails

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