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MARSING & CO AFRICA (Pty) Ltd are agents and stockists of aluminium collapsible tubes produced by one of India’s premier tube manufacturers who are also one of the world’s largest. With over 40 years of experience in the tube industry, the Group is well suited to meet all tube requirements. They are ISO 9002 accredited, have 11 manufacturing plants across India, export to over 50 countries worldwide and have all the necessary quality control systems in place to meet the highest standards.

Together we offer sub-Saharan Africa the following products & services:
o  All fill sizes ranging from 3.5gm to 100gm available.
o  Cylindrical and Conical tubes.
o  Up to 4-colour print.
o  Standard and specialised internal lacquers for different products.
o  Flexible production runs.
o  Short lead times.
o  Warehouse facility in Johannesburg to hold local stocks.
o  Low minimum order quantity.

Quality is a critical element of every tube we sell. ISO 9002 accreditation in the manufacturing plant ensures both on-line and finished product quality checks. Full traceability and certificates of analysis (FIR) are available with every consignment. So whether it be for the Pharmaceutical, Adhesive, Veterinary, Art or Cosmetics industry, Marsing has a quality aluminium tube to enhance your packaging and sell your product.

Aluminium Collapsible Tubes are suitable for various applications with compatible internal protective coatings or internally plain include:
o  Pharmaceutical Creams and Ointments.
o  Ophthalmic tubes for eye care.
o  Cosmetic products –Skin Care and Hair Care applications.
o  Food products-Condensed milk, Jams, Sausages etc.
o  Adhesive Products-Cyanoacrylate adhesives, silicon-based adhesives,
    2 Pack adhesives for various applications.


Laminated tubes offer products a competitive edge in the market and are used across the globe for packaging in personal care, food, pharma and industrial applications. The oral care industry by itself contributes to almost 70% of the total production of laminated tubes, while an increasing number of them are being used in the cosmetics sector.

With excellent barrier properties, laminated tubes are a cost effective solution to help increase a product’s shelf life. Their smooth, flexible and soft exteriors deliver excellent sealability and enable high filling line speed during the packaging process. Their features include shoulder barriers for superior flavor and moisture retention, pin-hole orifices for low viscosity products and nozzle seals with an option of hot foil stamping. Marsing also produces tamper evident closures for protection of products. Tube dispensing nozzles or applicators can be further customized on request.

Laminated tubes allow for consistent quality and performance reliability. They are adaptable to a wide range of caps, i.e. Fez / Flowerpot, Stand-up, Flip-top and custom-designed. Laminated Tubes can be customized into different varieties of coloured tubes and transparent tubes with Polyester barrier for products with contact clarity.

At Marsing, we ensure to utilise cutting-edge technologies to ensure stronger fusion between the shoulder and body. Our manufacturers world class LTP printing technology ensures superior resistance to print bleed, allowing up to 6 colours plus a varnish overcoat with a choice of full or spot varnish. Our ultra-modern R&D cell is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment for testing and new product development. The state-of-the-art, in-house facilities for R&D and graphic design are made available for development & testing requirements.

We will make your products shine! Eye-catching and stylish packaging is a must -above all in the cosmetics sector which is so dependent on looks. Of course it has to be practical, but it must turn heads at the same time. Using tube laminate from Marsing makes this possible – we have an enormous range of styles ready to use and give every customer the freedom to decide which version is right for them.

Marsing offers high differentiation possibilities through various laminate effects. Depending on your requirements, white, transparent or silver base laminate is available in different thicknesses. Our luxurious Silver laminate in particular helps your products to stand out at the point of sale; a high gloss metallised film makes the laminate shimmer spectacularly. We are also able to design extravagant special effects to give your products that certain something.

We hold it in our hands every day – open, squeeze, close, done – and put it back on the shelf without a second thought and without ever asking where it actually comes from, that toothpaste tube. Our manufacturing facility is among the world’s leading manufacturers, a position which we owe to our high standards when it comes to optimisation and improvement and our years of development and production process experience.

Marsing is now established as the tube laminate partner for oral hygiene and our customers are able to select from our comprehensive portfolio in this area. They know that we are committed to the success of their products. We have all the necessary expertise to drive development forward and constantly expand our range. To achieve this we are deeply committed to R&D and technical support. Customers can count on the guaranteed availability of raw materials and our outstanding customer service. We provide comprehensive support and advice to our customers, from the idea through implementation to delivery, and can be contacted about any concerns at any time. Our sales team has in-depth knowledge of the market and cooperates closely with the leading manufacturers of tube machines.

In addition to our large portfolio in the field of oral hygiene and cosmetics, Marsing tube laminates are also successfully used for certain types of packaging in the food, non-food and pharmaceutical sectors. Here too, our laminates add value to the products in a very special way and fulfil important marketing criteria – without skimping on functionality. Our tube laminates come into play wherever design and purpose come together in packaging: they can be printed in a multitude of ways, offer numerous options for finishing and are extremely well suited for machine processing. We pursue innovative ideas and suggestions in this field with great passion in order to be able to make statements with your products and to establish standards for you.

Our product offering:
o EVOH based barrier laminates
o Polyster based barrier laminates
o Metalized Polyster based laminates
o Aluminium barrier laminates of all thickness
o Double barrier laminates (Aluminium & EVOH)